Top Things to Do near the San Saba River

The San Saba River is an undeveloped waterway in the heart of San Saba, Texas (known as the Pecan Capital of the World). The river is a five-minute drive from our RV park, making it a great place to visit for outdoor enthusiasts looking for an easy-to-visit attraction. Check out our top things to do near the river, which you can try while camping with us.

1. Fishing

The slow moving San Saba River is a great place for fishing sunfish, panfish, Guadalupe bass, largemouth bass and more! While there isn't any sidewalk on the side of the river, you can stand or sit on one of the rocks lining the river. Before you go fishing, you should check if your fishing license is up to date or consider getting one.
2. San Saba River Nature Park

While the San Saba River Nature Park is more of a walkway around the San Saba River rather than a park, it's still a great way to learn and explore the San Saba area. The nature park has historical markers for you to learn from, beautiful birds to look at and a nice view of the San Saba River. You could also take a stop under some of the shady areas and talk with a loved one.
3. Millican Pecan Company

If you're looking for a snack after walking around the San Saba River, go and visit the Millican Pecan Company. The pecan store offers various options for getting some delicious pecans: chopped, coffee, bagged, pie and more! The online website of the pecan company also has pecan recipes you can try.
4. Beveridge Bridge

The Beveridge Bridge is one of the few remaining suspension bridges in Texas. Walk over the bridge and get a nice view of the river and the fish below. The bridge was built in the 1890s, so the historic materials used in the bridge are worth noting.
5. Kayaking

If you're looking for a relaxing ride down the river, then rent a kayak and paddle your way on the water. Most of the sections of this river are easy to do, so enjoy a light workout while wearing a lifejacket. You'll love getting a personal look at the river as you kayak with friends and family.
We hope you'll enjoy these activities near the San Saba River as much as we do. Stay with us and try each of these attractions or activities today!
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